A grand new house that’s a family affair

” This Ontario home rethinks suburban norms, sticking all the standard pieces on a highly unusual floor plan. And it won’t be the last of its kind.

Every family is different. Why are so many family homes the same?

The North American ideal of the nuclear family has shaped the way we live for a century now, informing everything from city planning to builders’ floor plans. A new house near Hamilton suggests a different model: a place that provides the suburban virtues of privacy and comfort, while making room for the elders of a family to live and age in place.”

I hope everyone was able to see Alex Bozikovic‘s article in the Globe and Mail on Saturday. He outlines the premise and form of the house and talks about how regulations must change as we embrace caring for our elders. It is an important discussion that we are having with clients, both public and private. And because it seems to be teaser week, there are some great images in the article, but you will just have to wait to see this ‘highly unusual floor plan!’