House on Ancaster Creek named Best of Canada by Canadian Interiors Magazine

“Canadian Interiors’ Best of Canada Design Competition is the country’s only design competition to focus on interior design projects and products without regard to size, budget or location. We welcome submissions from interior designers, architects, interior architects, decorators, and crafts persons.

Having reached the ripe age of 21 means Best of Canada is old enough to drink everywhere, and in some ways we would love to take all the winners out for a pint to celebrate their accomplishment. In fact we’d love to take every entrant out for a drink — after all, to step in the ring and present your work to be judged is a brave act and one to be commended — but clearly with such a strong year of submission totals once again it would mean a bar tab that would rival Norm’s from Cheers.”

We’ll call you on that drink and start a tab for our clients and builder too! Congratulations to the entire Ancaster Creek team.