WWInc. is honoured with the 2018 Designer Award from Wood WORKS! Ontario

Architects and industry professionals at the forefront of wood design in Ontario came together to celebrate excellence in wood design at the 18th annual Wood WORKS! Awards night in Toronto on November 20, 2018.  The awards program honours people and organizations that, through design excellence, advocacy, and innovation, are advancing the use of wood in all types of construction.

Shane and Betsy were honoured to receive the 2018 Designer Award for their work championing wood in practice and academia. They started their practice with a focus on digital fabrication, working in wood because it was not only a beautiful material, but also cheap, light, and machinable. The year they won their first Wood Works Award for the House in Frogs Hollow, the ceremony was held in Ottawa, and it was there meeting with members of parliament and communities from the north involved in forestry stewardship, industry and design that they understood the importance of this natural resource to Ontario’s economy.

As architects they have not yet exhausted the ways in which wood can be used both in fabrication technology and in architectural design and will continue to use design leadership in practice and in academia to keep design excellence in wood at the forefront of practice.