Designers’ Digs

BMD covers the March issue of Canadian Interiors. Thank you for including this project in your run-down of new workspaces for A+D firms that foster collaboration in the creative process. The talent at BMD is unparalleled and it was an intense experience to bring this space to life. A special thanks has to go to Hunter Tura, the former CEO who brought us in and gave us the reins.

“One question that preoccupies most creative firms – from architecture offices to graphic design studios to video game producers – is, how do you shape a work environment that fosters collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas while also boosting the innovation that is at the core of their existence? This is a conundrum that, of course, extends to a variety of clients, not only creatives but companies that place a premium on spaces that make a difference to the staff’s well being, especially when it can have a positive effect on the bottom line…”

That last bit, about companies that place a premium on spaces, is essentially how we vet the commercial projects that we take in the office. We gravitate to iterative processes and businesses that understand that cookie-cutter solutions are not the way to establish a local presence and create neighbourhood loyalty.