Designing intimacy, now?

A conversation with MoDA, Williamson Williamson, and Village Urbain

What urban and architectural ideas emerge in response to the current moment of tension between desires for social connection and desires for greater individual security?

In conversation with CCA Director Giovanna Borasi and a group of young developers, two Canadian architecture firms discuss questions of collectivity, privacy, and economy. What are the changing needs that drive new domestic and urban forms and relationships? And how do we shape the desires that become the expectations and standards defining our built environment?

Dustin Couzens co-founded Modern Office of Design and Architecture (MoDA) in Calgary in 2013, an architecture practice whose housing projects seek to encourage collective interactions.

Betsy and Shane Williamson co-founded Williamson Williamson in Toronto in 2007, an architecture practice that sees the potential of multigenerational housing for the intensification of the city.

Estelle Le Roux Joky and Pascal Huynh co-founded Village Urbain in Montreal in 2019, a group that develops and promotes affordable cohousing.

Presented in collaboration with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

The event is free and open to the public. To register, click here and select the RAIC 2021 Virtual Conference Preview Pass .

This event is part of An Extended Family, a series of public programs within the CCA’s one-year investigation Catching Up with Life.