Latitudes: Architecture in the Americas

The Latitudes: Architecture in the Americas symposia, held in 2013, 2014 and 2015 were organized by The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, the O’Neil Ford Chair in Architecture and the Center for American Architecture and Design. These events brought together a diverse group of innovative architects to explore the question of whether there is – already, still emerging, or ever to be – an “American” modern architecture that transcends the North, Central, and South American divide and that is in some way distinguishable from European, Asian and other models.

Betsy was invited to present the House in Frogs Hollow, and as the northernmost architect invited, spent time trading stories about wall thickness and insulation with her South and Central American counterparts. This book is a transcript of the symposia and each architect’s lecture. Thanks goes to editors Barbara Hoidn and Wilfred Wang. Other participants in the symposia included:

Al Borde

Federico Mirabal Pietra

Fernanda Canales

Joshua Aidlin

Francisco Tomboly and Sonia Carisimo

Rodrigo Perez De Arce