Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Award Jury

Betsy will be joining the juries for two Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) awards this year.

The RAIC Architectural Journalism and Media Award recognizes an architect, architectural practice or individual that presents a narrative about architecture which promotes public understanding and awareness of architecture, the role of architects and their impacts on society, and/or the value of design and design excellence. The entry can range from a single significant contribution to a collection of work.  

Any individual or collective of individuals is eligible for this award. Entries shall include, but are not limited to, their work on books, films, exhibitions, and curated events presented or published within the past five years. They may also include a series of shorter pieces that together comprise a collection of work, such as a series of articles, videos, podcasts, radio or television segments, etc.  

The RAIC Advocate for Architecture Award celebrates an individual, or collective of individuals, who has made a significant public contribution to the advancement of Canadian architecture through their advocacy, patronage, and/or other forms of support. Candidates may include clients or patrons, educators, public servants, architects, allied professions and others. It considers exemplary approaches to sustainability; and the support and advancement of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The award recognizes long-term commitment to the profession at an international, national, regional or local level.