Digital Technologies in Architecture at the Harbin Institute of Technology

Shane will be presenting our current work and new research in a keynote address at the annual conference on Digital Design at the Harbin Institute of technology in Harbin, China. His lecture will be on Saturday August 25th at 2PM. The conference is hosted by the National Specialized Guidance Committee for the Subject of Architecture and the Teaching Committee for Digital Technologies in Architecture.  The conference is co-hosted by School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology and supported by Autodesk (China) Inc.

Other speakers featured at the conference are Ali Malkawi from the University of Pennsylvania, Dennis Sheldon from MIT and Gehry Technologies, Jiancheng Li from South China University of Technology, Immanuel Koh from the AA and the office of Zaha Hadid, Liang Zhong from RTKL Associates, and Shouheng Chen from Shouheng Design and Technology Inc.