Globe and Mail: Beyond Doors Open

Alex Bozikovic from The Globe and Mail recommends a visit to Pilot Coffee Roasters in Doors Open Toronto: 10 things you need to see this weekend.

This weekend’s Doors Open festival is an opportunity to explore some of the best of Toronto’s architecture. Running both Saturday and Sunday, the event features 155 of Toronto’s most interesting places, and each year the most popular venues are 19-century ones such as Old City Hall.

But most of Toronto was built after 1950, and its architecture and design is livelier than it’s ever been. Architecture critic Alex Bozikovic picks four Doors Open spots that tell that part of the story – plus a panel discussion of influential architects “redesigning” the city, and four more places outside the festival where you can sightsee, have a coffee or go swimming 21 century-style. All in all, here are ten places and events that should be on your can’t-miss list.

Beyond Doors Open

Beyond the official tours this weekend, there are places across the GTA where you can experience great modern and contemporary design first hand. Here are four that’ll make your Doors Open weekend richer.