12 Alumni: Architecture, Change, Globality

Tunnel Gallery, Barnard College, New York, NY. The House in Frogs Hollow along with the work of 11 other alumni of the Barnard and Columbia College Architecture Program was selected for the inaugural alumni exhibition 12 ALUMNI: ARCHITECTURE CHANGE GLOBALITY.

Participants were asked to reflect on the following questions: In what ways do the various aspects of your practice reflect the changes that are happening in our world? What are some of the global issues you address through your practice? How are new practices, like building sustainability, redefining how architects think about the responsibility of the profession and the malleability of the environment? How has the global sourcing of materials impacted your practice of architecture? Does it simply represent the widening of available materials, or has the unpredictability of global commodity prices forced architects to re-invent the design process? If modern architecture played a role in defining globality in the 20th century, then contemporary architecture should be capable to playing the same role in the 21st century.