Hoi Bo

Work in Progress

This project transforms an existing duplex house  into a commercial and residential building of the mixed-use type that typically line Toronto’s  east-west commercial streets.

To make this private development work, the entire family – shop owner, partner, sister, mother, son – and the retail shop had to move in together, selling houses and vacating separate apartments. The size and scale of the project are in stark contrast to where a speculative development in this location would be. Hoi Bo conforms to all the zoning bylaws for height and density. It is effectively exactly what the city is asking for.

Each family member has a 400 sf suite, with a bedroom, sitting room and bathroom. The family shares a kitchen with a large interior herb garden and living room on the third floor. The uppermost mezzanine level is a live/work space with two large balconies that have been engineered to sustain small trees and the family vegetable gardens. There is also an open-air interior garden that buffers the bathroom and living spaces.

Plants, natural light, and air are vitally important to the family. Each floor has multiple balconies and exterior areas that balance openness and privacy.

A 7 kW solar array will feed power back to the grid and compliment the high efficiency mechanical systems.

A project initiated by Williamson Chong.