Living Wood: Origins

The work in this exhibition explores wood’s material history by extracting artifacts from a digital exploration of the effect of mass movements in the landscape on the growth and form of trees.

Trees affected by mass movements record the evidence of geomorphic disturbance in the growth-ring series. The simulation of this mass movement, in the form of a distorted digital surface, is shown as a projection of geometric overlaps and densities. The landscape inspired images explore the direct relationship between living things as well as the didactic relationship between digital tools and the hand of the artist.

The Origins series is available at the Corkin Gallery. Please call Jane Corkin for more information.

Origins: Sheer, Gently, Upland, Graded, 2014
Ink Jet prints on archival paper
31″x56.5″ each in editions of 5

A project completed by Williamson Chong.