Pilot | Ossington

Pilot Coffee’s location on Ossington Avenue in Toronto’s west end is the newest addition to the Pilot family. Located in the base of a condominium building in a space that was required to accommodate mechanical equipment running through it from every side, it features a ceiling of¬†custom designed and fabricated light-reflecting fins. They are shaped to catch light when solid and act as a ‘skylit’ surface. Each white opaque fin is lit from above while the translucent fins complete the grid of 96 and diffuse the light bouncing around. Each fin has flanges, pre-drilled to attach to an off-the-shelf green Unistrut frame and were optimized to nest with little waste during fabrication. Complimentary details of oak cabinetry, marble-topped tables, and a monolithic service counter flesh out the customer experience.


Photography by Scott Nosworthy