Riverdale Addition

A third floor was added to this Riverdale home for a family of four. White walls fluctuate in thickness to incorporate the functional program – work spaces, light tubes, storage and bathroom – and float between two red oak surfaces, allowing the open space to be flexible and used in a variety of ways: an office, music room, craft room, or guest bedroom. At the north side, the high-gloss white millwork reflects the trees and captured daylight while the light tubes along the depth of the house were clad in fluted columns to increase the play of light and shadow in the space.

Increasing the performance of the home is always a mandate: the large south-facing window is shaded externally, preventing all heat gain in the summer and allowing the winter light to be bounced into the room. A roof mounted solar array provides power and high-performance light tubes extend from the roof, through the addition, to the second-floor drive natural daylight deep into the home, eliminating the need for artificial lights.

Photography by Bob Gundu