Stock Space

Stock Space was an exercise in subtraction. The space was conceived of as a solid void and was created through the removal of stock material from a conceptually full volume that measured 24′ long x 18′ wide x 12′ tall. Medium density EPS foam in 4’x 8′ x 16” modules provided a light and machinable medium capable of recording the vestigial marks of fabrication as well as providing adequate dampening and insulation. The resulting assemblage of stacked modules embodied traits of the orthographic grid associated with the length and width of the stock, the topographic contours associated with the depth of the stock and the isoparametric grooves of the resulting surface.

The collective composition of these elements was the analytical result of maximum machining curvature. The patterned flow of the machining grooves enforced the dense flow and movement of visitors through the space.

This was an investigation of limits. Material had to fit through doors and on our CNC milling table. It had to clear staircases, be carried by hand and be stored compactly within the confines of our fabrication area.

Stock Space was part of an invited exhibition of four concept spaces at the 2005 Toronto Interior Design Show. Modest in budget and ephemeral in nature, STOCK SPACE was installed, exhibited and dismantled over a five day period at the Toronto National Trade Center. Occupying 450 SF within a 110,000 SF convention center, STOCK SPACE was small, vertical, warm and quiet, in contrast to the immense horizontality of the mechanically cooled trade floor and the pervasive sound of nearly 40,000 exhibitors and attendees.