Westmoreland Addition

Building atop the geometry of a double gambrel roof for a new third floor Master Suite required testing various geometries to find the right way to reconcile the slopes and structure. The solution came via the decision to capture both morning and evening light through the creation of east and west facing clerestory windows.

Morning light is drawn into the space with the angled geometry of the sloped ceiling. The shed profile on the south side, with a window that faces downtown Toronto and captures a view of the CN Tower, morphs into a gable roof on the north side by angling the clerestory window into the space to bring light to the centre of the room.  This twist of geometry also allows for a skylight to be tucked over the stair, flooding light to the space below. The effect is one of sleeping in the treetops and an inversion of the dark Victorian spaces below.

A project completed by Williamson Chong.